Qualities of a Great Roofing Contractor

Selecting a roofing contractor to assist you with a new roof, repairs to an existing roof, inspections, and maintenance is oftentimes a daunting task. So many Roofing contractors in Minneapolis are out there that it is not always simple to find a professional that will take care of your needs. Rather than hire and hope for the best, choose your roofing contractor wisely. The following qualities are those you should always seek in your roofing contractor.


An experienced roofing contractor is one who will not only give you peace of mind, but who knows the ins and the outs of roofing. You can always expect great things to happen when hiring an experienced roofing company.

License & Insurance

License and insurance are two additional qualities of a roofing contractor that you shouldn’t ignore. Hiring a company without these qualities is risky, and may be devastating to the wallet should something go wrong as the job is being completed.


Ask for references, and be sure that you contact them to learn their thoughts of the roofing contractor. Any good roofing contractor should easily be able to provide you three to four references to check.

Contracts & Agreements

Never begin a roofing job until a contract begins, or other agreements have been made in writing. The contract should clearly state the work to be performed, and the cost of completion of the job. Keep a copy of the contract with you at all times, and do not hand over any money to a contractor unwilling to provide you with this bit of information.

The wrong roofing contractor is not who you want to hire! Don’t make this mistake when it is so easy to find someone who will supersede your expectations using the above qualities.

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